Medical doctors are physicians who work in hospitals,clinics,medical centres or practices.Medical doctors come in diverse specialities and they treat people for illness and injuries. They prescribe medication,order diagnostic tests,and record patient information.

There are Medical Doctors and NMP Medical doctors. NMP doctors subscribe to total quality practice ethos and professionalism….. that’s the difference and unique selling point. When you register as an NMP Doctor you gain a career partner.NMP dwells on corporate approach and has well placed professional consultants committed to help you develop and progress in your specialist area of practice.

NMP makes ordinary Medical Doctors, Gps, Pathologists, A&E doctors, surgeons into NMP medical doctors and consultants. NMP brings added value to your career.We brand ordinary doctors into NMP professionals. Doctors who subscribe to our ethos of “Tradition of caring concept”….. become NMP doctors.They surpass the benchmark for ordinary doctors and become branded NMP doctors.

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